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Changing The Game ProjectChanging The Game Project

Help your child to be the best that they can be

Is there a better way than to spend the extra time some of us find ourselves with than developing a deeper understanding of how to help your children grow to be the best that they can be?

The link below takes you to a page that provides a fantastic introduction to the basis of the Changing The Game Project which we recommend to all BBFC parents and coaches.

In early 2018 Bonnet Bay FC was honoured to host a seminar by world renowned youth sports expert John O’Sullivan who heads up the Changing the Game Project based out of the USA.

We are strong advocates of the advice John provides to help parents understand how to help their children enjoy all the benefits of sport. His views are substantiated by his research and scrutinised by his constantly developing experience as a player, coach and parent.

Once you digest this intro it’s up to you how much further you go.

John’s 2018 Australian tour was instigated by BBFC and we hope to see him back at The Hangar one day.


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