6. Social


There had always been a good feeling around BBFC. This has developed over the years into a sense of community members call “Bomberaderie”. This is now defined as the club’s ultimate goal.

The annual mid-season event had always been well attended and presentation days were something to look forward to with many novelty events and races being built into the day.

But it was the original Over 35s who really got the ball rolling in 1996 by putting on a bbq for all the families after each of their home games and perhaps staying at training a little longer than necessary on Thursday nights. With representation across many of the club’s teams ties began to build between different teams strengthening the club. It was here that Lakewood truly became the community meeting place.

The social nights grew in stature with the help of Betsy Trewhella and her band of helpers. A karaoke night at Charlie Barker’s in the late 90s was particularly memorable.

When Glenn Elms became president in 2001 he took things to a new level introducing live music after matches once a month. With the help of Deb Brown and some others things took off and BBFC went through a very active period socially over the next few years. Sundays by the Dock of The Bay became an institution.

2002 saw the first BBFC Golf Day at Kareela Golf Club, a tradition that continues until today. Then there were themed nights including Moulin Rouge and others.

By 2003 a lot of the mum’s were playing in WSG. This added greatly to the club culture as many of our female players started getting even more involved.

The senior presentation dinner became a major annual event as the ranks swelled with well over 200 people attending most year’s since 2005. Anne West took over the reins to organise a number of events including a major function at Sutherland United Services to celebrate the club’s 25th anniversary in 2006. This was standing room only for many as most past Presidents attended and a lot of the people who helped set the club up joined newer members of the club.

Sarah Burgess then took over the reins as our younger members became more involved in different aspects of the club. Among many great nights was a fundraiser to help young Jasmine Clingan fight some health issues. President Matt Brady proudly presented her parents with a cheque for $23,000. Grand Final Night and the last Sunday of competition were added as big events on the calendar.

In 2010 the Open Mic Night was added to the annual schedule revealing some amazing talents among our members.

This Bomberaderie has seen the club’s fan base grow into something we call the Lime Army.

The “Lime Army”

BBFC enjoys a tremendous fan club known as the “Lime Army” which assembles each August to support all BBFC teams through the finals series and has grown in numbers every year as it drags others in. It becomes the 12th player on the field and has been instrumental in a strong club culture becoming even stronger.

The Lime Army is seen in great numbers at all team’s games. To see our juniors support seniors enthusiastically is one thing but to see seniors actively support juniors is even better. Club members keenly support other club members they hardly know such is the passion of the Lime Army.

The Lime Army with Bomberaderie defines BBFC and long may it march on.


BBFC published Baywatch, its weekly magazine for many years keeping members up to speed across the club. The sheer size of the club began to make this task too large and we reverted to information being distributed via the internet. The website is slowly evolving into a magazine type format that will give members access to a range of information.

Many people have contributed a vast amount of time to building and printing Baywatch over the years including, most notably Elizabeth Elford who hand typed the newsletter every week, then Ian Petrovski who brought his computer skills to bear. For many years firstly Bill Lawson, then Ian Petrovski printed the Baywatch until it became too big a job to continue – the BBFC website and regular email bulletins now provides members with the information they need.

The Club History contains many back issues of Baywatch which provide a tremendous insight into the club’s evolution.

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