Terms & Conditions

All BBFC members are required to adhere to Terms and Conditions established by various governing bodies ie Football Federation of Australia, Football NSW, Sutherland Shire Football Association which are set out on their various websites.

BBFC also has its own specific Terms and Conditions (click here to view documents). These include:


The Club’s Consitution sets out the rules club members are bound by, how committees are appointed and the other legal mechanics of the club.


The Club Policies set out guidelines for how the club operates. These are reviewed by members at the Annual General meeting each year.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct sets out standards of behaviour for players, spectators and officials.

Ground Control / Canteen

BBFC is operated by volunteers with some paid support in key roles.

All teams will be allocated ground control and canteen duties during the season. This is a very important responsibility and it is important that every team member (or their parents) contributes to these tasks. If you cannot complete duties at a designated time please arrange to swap with someone else.

What We Stand For

Click here to view image which depicts our development goals as a club for players, coaches and members.