Bonnet Bay Football Club Inc.

Corporate Information for Registered Players and Officials

Bonnet Bay Football Club Inc.
Address: Lakewood Reserve, 5R Coolidge Crescent, Bonnet Bay, 2226
Telephone: 02 9528 2838
ABN: 33 995 002 688
Incorporation No. Y0330118

Bank Account Details:
Bank: Westpac
Account Name: Bonnet Bay FC Inc.
BSB: 032-155
Account No. 18-0815

Note: always use name, invoice no. or other reference so we can track your payment

Committee & Volunteers

The Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting which is held in October or November each year. It is responsible for running all of the affairs of the club in accordance with the Constitution and the club’s Guiding Policies. Each committee member is assigned responsibility for certain areas.

The Committee recruits volunteers and appoints them to positions which make best use of their skills.

View Committee Members and Contact Details Here

Training Schedule

The over-riding factor in allocating training times is for teams to be grouped together with like teams. This enables:

  • social interaction between the teams within their group,
  • sharing of drills and resources,
  • coaches filling in for one another when needed,
  • communication between managers re: team changes etc.
  • the club’s Technical Director to visit like teams in the younger age groups at the same time.

Where possible older teams are asked to train at Prince Edward Park to spread wear and tear across both fields. This is particularity important in 2017 as we will have a newly turfed playing surface at Lakewood that will need to be nursed through the season.

Pre-season training will only be conducted at Prince Edward Park. Teams should apply to for a time slot.

The proposed program from 15/3/17 is:

  • Boys & Girls Under 6 to under 11 – Lakewood on Monday nights between 5.00 and 7.00.
  • Boys & Girls Under 12 to under 16 – Lakewood on Tuesday nights between 5.00 and 7.00 (our technical director will be available during these times)
  • Womens Teams from Under 18s and up – Wednesdays at Prince Edward Park
  • Mens Teams from Under 18s up – Thursdays between Prince Edward Park and Lakewood
  • Teams may will have extra sessions by arrangement with the Player Development Committee

Coaches & Managers

BBFC has developed a unique player development system. Features are:

  • We engage a professional technical director to assist coaches and players of our younger teams up to under 16 years.
  • We ave a growth mindset stream focused on psychological training
  • Our youngest teams use a curriculum especially developed for BBFC and train in a squad style rather than individual teams until they reach under 10s.
  • We have specialist goalkeeping coaching sessions for all keepers

Please email if you are interested in becoming a coach or  part of our player development team eg specialist goalkeeper coach, fitness etc.

The Player Development Committee (PDC) appoints Co-ordinators who liaise with and support Coaches within different areas of the club. The PDC also appoints Coaches & Managers.

All BBFC Coaches are encouraged to participate in training courses and seminars to improve their understanding of issues. The club is happy to pay for Coaches to attend approved courses.

All coaches & managers have an obligation to work within club policies which are agreed at the Annual General Meeting each year. These policies cover various matters including “What We Stand For”, Code of Conduct, Player Development, Grading, Safety and more.

To assist the club meets its obligations all Coaches and Managers are required to:

  • register at using either your current FFA number or, if you do not have one, a new FFA no. you create. Select the 2017 Coach or 2017 Manager package as appropriate (there is no charge).
  • if you are a parent or close family member of a player, and involved with a team with any players aged under 18, complete a FNSW_Member_Protection_Declaration_Form – return this to or return it to the Lakewood Clubhouse.
  • if you are not a parent or close family member, and are involved with a team with any players aged under 18, you need to either provide us with a current WWC no. and your date of birth or register here . Once registered send details to

Coaches & Managers will provide their personal contact details to team members.

How to Register

The registration timetables below are important so we can meet association deadlines for registration of teams. If you have difficulty paying fees by the due date please contact the treasurer on to make arrangements for a payment plan.

Additional charges will apply for anyone who does not pay by the due date.

View Complete Guide to Registrations Here


Sponsors and government support have assisted Bonnet Bay FC carry out a number of initiatives over the past few years including:

  • new strip and jackets for all players
  • training lights at Prince Edward Park
  • lighting for night matches at Lakewood
  • new multi sport cricket pitch surface at Prince Edward Park
  • upgraded cricket pitch surface and winter covers at Lakewood
  • significant ground improvements
  • no requirement for parents to be rostered for BBQ or canteen duty
  • launching of Bonnet Bay FC Academy with subsidised access for registered players
  • a high quality clubhouse upgrade at Lakewood valued in excess $1,000,000

BBFC Sponsorship Opportunities
Please be assured that we do our utmost to ensure all sponsors receive good value for money.

For a Full List of Pricing and Requirement Click Here

Insurance Cover for Players

Every registered player has some insurance cover for injuries incurred at approved training training or playing for the club.

Details on insurance cover including how to claim is available at

Please note: injuries incurred at unapproved training sessions may not be covered. Coaches and Managers should ensure the fields and times used are duly approved.

Payment Methods

Payments may be paid by:

  1. Visa or Mastercard when registering on-line at (MFC)
  2. EFTPOS, cash or cheque at a registration session or at The Hangar when open during the season.
  3. Cheque payable to “Bonnet Bay Football Club” to above address – use a clear reference so we can track your payment
  4. Direct Deposit to “Bonnet Bay Football Club Inc.” BSB 032155 Account no 18-0815 – use a clear reference so we can track your payment

Wet Weather

In the event of wet weather the following guidelines apply:

  1. Council can close grounds in which case clubs have no discretion. They provide a daily advice on the status of grounds through a recorded message on 9710 0105.
  2. The club may choose to close fields or parts of fields due to their condition – this will be advised via email to our database
  3. Coaches or Managers should call training off when it is likely the fields will be damaged by proceeding


  1. Never Assume games are off
  2. Clubs advise the association whether fields are okay to play on
  3. The association may move matches from one field to another as late as the morning of the match – team managers will be advised by club committee and updates posted to and
  4. Where a large number of fields are unplayable the association may call all games off. Games called off in this manner are not necessarily replayed.
  5. Referees or ground control may call games off where conditions deteriorate during the day. This can even occur part way through games. These games will generally be replayed.

Lightning & Heat

  1. Training and matches should be suspended whenever there is lightning nearby – refer to Football NSW Lightning Policy for details
  2. In the event of extreme heat training and matches may be suspended or special arrangements put in place – refer to Football NSW Heat Policy

Check Local Radar for Rain