Field and Hangar Setup

Mini’s, Quarter and Half fields

The responsibility of setting up fields for games will be the same as 2023 and is based on the following principles

  • The team to first play on a pitch will be responsible for the setup of that pitch
  • The team to play last on a pitch will be responsible for the pack-up of that pitch

Field Setup – Full Field

The Full Field setup will be based on the following principles:

  • If there is a Friday night game, then the Full Field goals will be setup by the team
    playing that night and they will remain up until Sunday close of play
  • If there is no Friday night game, then the goals will be setup on Saturday morning
    as part of the responsibilities of the rostered team taking care of The Hangar Setup
  • Last team to play on Sunday will pack up Full Field

Ground Control

It is the responsibility of each team to provide a Ground Control and Manager, wearing
Orange and Yellow vests at every game, both home and away. For home games, BBFC need to
have a minimum of one additional Ground Control not connected to the team playing their
games – Club Ground Control.

The responsibility for Club Ground Control is based on the following principles.

  • Teams playing full field on a Saturday and Sunday will be required to provide two people on
    a rostered basis for Club Ground Control


Home Games

  • Lakewood City Reserve – Bonnet Bay – This is our main field
  • The Ridge Playing Fields – Barden Ridge – 9 and 10 are overflow

Training Ground

  • Prince Edward Park (PEP) – Woronora


Policy and process in place to ensure all teams have a fair and equitable allocation of games to

Lakewood – Coolidge Cres, Bonnet Bay

The Ridge Playing Fields

Prince Edward Park – Woronora


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