Getting all aspects of your life in balance helps to have a healthy, happy, fulfilling life. This concept is named Wellness and Bonnet Bay FC will do its best to provide an environment in which Wellness can flourish at community and individual level.

The Global Wellness Institute provides this overview to the concept of Wellness:


Bonnet Bay FC is based out of Lakewood City Reserve in Bonnet Bay. The club operates a multipurpose facility called The Hangar as a football clubhouse and a community hub. It’s location close to the Woronora River makes it a very appealing place to spend time making it a natural meeting place for the local community.

We are passionate about supporting the concept of Wellness among all our members,  supporters and the broader community.

We support the establishment of a network of health professionals to ensure we maintain a robust structure around the concept of Wellness. Our Club Chaplain is available to provide support to members when required and refer them to other services as required.

Following are ways in which we do or might contribute to the Wellness of our club community and the broader community.


A healthy body through exercise, nutrition and sleep

  • Providing opportunities for males and females to play football at a level appropriate to their age group and skill level
  • We will provide our players tailored pre-season programs, injury prevention and rehabilitation programs. These may be provided on a team, group or individual basis.
  • Providing additional opportunities to participate in a variety of groups based at The Hangar. We already have regular bridge club, boxercise club and whisky appreciation club based at The Hangar. There are proposal to establish a walking group and one or two other groups. It is important that these groups are being populated by people who have stopped played football but wish to retain their social connections as well as other community members.
  • Lakewood City Reserve provides opportunities for people to participate in a range of other activities including children’s playground, tennis courts, cricket and fishing as well as more passive activities such as walking, dog on leash walking. The park fills with children engaging in ad hoc activities on most days.
  • Our club has suggested conversion of tennis courts to a multiuse courts thereby adding significantly to possible activities. Management of this might be integrated into our club’s operations meaning it would benefit immediately from our infrastructure including these Wellness strategies.
  • Our club has suggested outdoor exercise circuit around the park as another excellent addition to the available activities
  • When open for football The Hangar provides a food service which always includes a good section of “comfort” food and healthy options.
  • If The Hangar’s hours were extended it could provide this service more broadly to all users of the park and generate funds which must go back to the Community.  


Engagement with the world through learning, problem-solving, creativity etc

  • Our motto promotes the values of Belong, Engage and Grow. We deliver on this through our Academy
  • This philosophy extends very naturally to all aspects of our operations.
  • For many years now our Club Chaplain has been available to provide emotional support to club members dealing with problems such as death, divorce, depression and more. He has access to refer people to any additional services they may require.
  • We encourage groups with a focus in this are to use The Hangar as a base.


Being in touch with, aware of, accepting of, and able to express one’s feelings (and those of others)

  • This perhaps the most difficult aspect for many people
  • We ensure our coaches are aware of signs of emotional problems and take appropriate actions
  • People build friendships through the football activities
  • Club members get to know one another better over time creating important informal support networks
  • Providing opportunities to participate in social and physical activities within a natural setting can contribute significantly to emotional health.


Our search for meaning and purpose in human existence

  • Many people find meaning through sort and our programs seek to take that to the next level
  • Increasing the diversity of groups using The Hangar will increase our capacity contribute to this aspect of Wellness
  • Our approach has already led to us creating informal connections with a number of church groups who have players at our club.


Connecting with, interacting with, and contributing to other people and our communities

  • The social hub we have created around The Hangar is our biggest single strength
  • There are formal and informal social programs running within the football club year round
  • Community groups and individuals hire The Hangar on a permanent or casual basis for all manner of social activities across the year. Most of these hirers are building on existing social connections. With some increased capacity we will be bae to accommodate more multiple groups at the same time thereby improving our contribution to the Social Dimension of Wellness.


A healthy physical environment free of hazards; awareness of the role we play in bettering rather than denigrating the natural environment

  • Lakewood City Reserve occupies an idyllic spot on the Woronora River. It is well maintained by Council however we believe there is merit in Council treating this community asset in the same manner it does Como Pleasure Grounds. There are many opportunities to do more large and small projects.
  • One such project may be to install a retaining wall along the small beach used extensively for fishing. Around 12 simple sandstone blocks would protect the root system of the riparian zone while providing sitting/table space for those fishing. Longer term this area lends itself to further environmentally friendly projects such as mangrove boardwalk, fishing/viewing platform etc.
  • Our club recycles waste where practicable using different coloured bins, including blue bins for bottles and cans.
  • There is an opportunity to better recycle water and install solar power.
  • Our club keeps an eye on the park and advise Council promptly of any damage to property including tree damage, graffiti, vandalism etc.