Our Culture

An inspirational learning culture is the essential foundation of any successful club or team. Bonnet Bay FC has an established culture of members working together to achieve fantastic outcomes on and off the field. This is depicted in the Bombers flying in formation shown on the club’s logo.

There are many benefits to flying in formation – heading in the right direction, sharing the burden and much more.

Culture must be top of mind in all decision making within the club and its teams.

Ultimately the leadership teams in committees, coaches, managers and player leaders must be the custodians of culture and preserve and enhance it.

Our Vision

“To be a WARRIOR CLUB whose Teams, Players and Supporters are defined by the GRIT they apply to every aspect of training, preparation, playing football and off-field activities
…… The toughness of Grit must be balanced with key SOCIAL TRAITS that produce well-rounded, dependable citizens and leaders.”


WARRIOR CLUB – a club focused on effort and continual improvement rather than winning

GRIT is regarded as the single most important attribute in successful people in all walks of life. It is expressed by key traits such as Courage, Conscientiousness, Perseverance, Resilience, Passion, Intentionality and Tenacity

SOCIAL TRAITS – Empathy, Compassion, Solidarity, Dependability

Our Motto

“Belong ~ Engage ~ Grow”

The club creates and maintains an environment:

  • where all members of our club community feel a sense of belonging
  • which encourages all members of our club community to engage with other
    members socially and as active contributors
  • where all members of our club community have the opportunity to grow to be the
    best that they can be at every level

Our club community is comprised of:

  • Current Players & their Families
  • Past Players & their families
  • Supporters
  • Our Coaches & Officials
  • Local Schools
  • Associations, Referees, Advisers, Council & Politicians
  • Residents of Bonnet Bay and adjoining suburbs (The Hangar Community Centre)
  • Sponsors
  • Supported Community Projects including Transform Cambodia and Lakewood City/Sutherland
    Sister City & Student Exchange

Our Emblem

The Bombers in formation symbolises the club community and its individual teams and players “working together for mutual benefit” on and off the field.

Bombers have been proven to perform better in battle when they fly in formation.The Bomber image used is based on the F111 which was the main Bomber used by the Royal Australian Air Force when Bonnet Bay FC was established in 1982. Our establishment date sits proudly at the bottom of the emblem and the soccer ball depicts our primary sport.

Our club motto “Belong … Engage … Grow” sits under the Bombers as a constant reminder to all members of what BBFC stands for.

The Lime Army

There was a period from 2005 through to 2015 where the Bombers enjoyed enormous success as male and female teams hit under 21s and Open Age competitions with a vengeance. We were represented in numerous higher grade grand finals during this period and our teams attracted a tremendous following which we named the Lime Army

During this time we won premierships in Open Women’s A (twice); Open Men’s 2 (a record 3 consecutive times) and won the highly coveted Harrie Dening Cup as Champion Club in Men’s 1 to 3. We were runners up at various times in Men’s 21A (twice), Men’s Open 3 (once), Women’s 21A (3 times) and Women”s Open A (3 times). There was a lot of lower grade junior success surrounding these fantastic results. In time these players began to populate our lower grade Open teams providing opportunities for players to find a team appropriate to their skill level.

By 2012 Bonnet Bay FC had come of age with the club quite incredibly fielding teams in the Men’s 21A & 21B Men’s and Women’s 21A & 21B comps and the top two Open Men’s and Open Women’s Comps. No other club has matched this accomplishment during the past 20 years.

The Lime Army became known and feared across the shire as it’s influence was at least the equal of having an extra player. Supporters enjoyed the banners, flags, banter, dressing up and the club songs and chants.


Club Songs

The Lime Army has never gone away, but as we see our juniors growing towards another golden era we will resurrect the old songs and chants and create some new ones. You will find them all right here and we invite you to add your own content.

Our Entry Anthem

Played from front of clubhouse before every team from 12s and over takes the field. If music unavailable supporters can use the audio file at www.bonnetbayfc.com/lms/culture using a personal device. This method can also be used for away matches.  


(Chorus – Repeat 4 Times Until Fanfare)

Here Come The Bombers

Here Come The Bombers

Here Come The Bombers

Here We Come

(Verse After Fanfare)

Belonging Together

Engaging Together

Growing Together

Here We Come

(Chorus – Repeat till End)

Here Come The Bombers

Here Come The Bombers

Here Come The Bombers

Here We Come

Bombers Victory March

(To tune of Sydney Swans Theme)

Cheer, Cheer the Lime Army

Onwards to Victory  


See our “V” across the sky

We are the BOMBERS – do or die


Brothers, sisters one and all

Bombers always stand up tall


Cheer, cheer the Mighty Bombers

Onwards to Victory!


Finish with Bombers Ditty

Mighty Bombers, Mighty Bombers, Mighty Bombers, Mighty Bombers, Mighty Bombers

After Loss or in Adversity


(Chorus – Repeat 4 Times Till End)

I get knocked down but I get up again

You’re never gonna keep me down

Instrumental Alternate:   “DON’T WORRY – BE HAPPY” (5 Minutes)

Lime Army Chants and Other Bombers Music

We are still working on this but supporters will be able to follow links to access words and/or audio files for Bombers chants, songs and music. We plan for all our supporters to be able to use their personal devices to use this music at any time. We encourage supporters to produce their own audio files and lyrics sheets and send them to us to add to the catalogue.


  • Entry Anthem
  • Victory Song
  • Loss/Adversity Song
  • Custard Pie (our pointless ditty)


  • Hey, Bonnet Bay
  • When The Bay Comes Marching In
  • Bonnet Bay, Bonnet Bay, Bonnet Bay
  • Bomber Army
  • Drumming
  • Stand By Me


  • Wonderwall (Instrumental)
  • Entry Anthem (Epic Instrumental Version)
  • Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines (Instrumental)


  • Sitting By The Dock Of The Bay
  • Stand by Me
  • Wonderwall
  • Here Come the Bombers (Epic Version)
  • Celebrate Good Times

Club Milestones

2001 to 2020      Player numbers increased from 250 to 630 with further significant growth projected

2004 to 2020      Fielding a Women’s Open A team for 17 Successive Years,

                            appearing in 5 successive Grand Finals with 2 premierships,

                            State Cup Semi-finalists and Champion of Champion Semi-finalists

2005                    Installed Training Lights at Prince Edward Park

2006                    Installed multi-use cricket pitch upgrade at Prince Edward Park

2007                    Upgraded training lights at Lakewood

2008                    Club Champions Men’s Open 1 to 3

2009 to 2011       Only Club to Win 3 Successive Men’s Open 2 Premierships

2009 to 2016       Fielding a Men’s Open 1 team for 8 Successive Years

2012                    Upgraded lighting at Lakewood City Reserve to enable night football

2014                    Installed new representative standard cricket pitch at Lakewood City Reserve

2015                    Constructed the new clubhouse and community hall (“The Hangar”)

2018                    All funds borrowed for clubhouse project re-paid

2019                    Club Champions Men’s Open 4 to 14

2020                    $85,000 in improvements at The Hangar and to upgrade flood lighting

2021                    40th Anniversary