Our Courses

We have developed courses internally and identified external courses that we feel will be of enormous value to members wishing to expand their knowledge about our overall approach to developing our club, teams and players. 

In particular, the Courses of The Changing The Game Project provide Coaches and Parents with a tremendous perspective on the reasons we have chosen to focus on the directions we have.

We encourage all parents to take advantage of the information available to them here.

We expect that our coaches will complete the courses on offer so their knowledge is complete.

You will be asked to set up a password when accessing Courses. This will allow the system to track your progress and take you straight back to where you finished off.  It also provides us with training records for each member.

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Sutherland Shire Football Association conducts a range of Coaching Courses where fees apply. Bonnet Bay FC will cover some or all of these fees where  we can see it will benefit the club. These courses focus mainly on skills training. Apply to academy@bonnetbayfc.com if you would like us to consider paying your fees.

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The Journey to Success

Many parents and supporters are under the impression that kids should simply start doing drills and their careers will take off. Playing with intensity is often encouraged over developing a true love of the game.

While drills are very important, being passionate about playing the game will lead to longevity as a player and make it easier for players to focus on developing the full range of skills to be they best that they can be. Football Australia has established Building Blocks we can use as a guide as to what we should expect from players at various ages.

That is what this Academy is about and you will find plenty of info here which supports this approach.

The Journey to Success is not linear. There are plenty of examples of where young careers take off but the players lose interest by mid-teens. Representative clubs pick up hundreds of players who are dumped without a club once under age competitions cease. Some embark on a lonely journey from club to club searching for Success. We are firmly of the view that the vast majority of young people (everybody) will reach their potential in a club environment where they feel they Belong and where they are encouraged to Engage and Grow at their own pace into dependable people and players.

Success requires a long term approach which works through many pitfalls, trials and tribulations. True Success requires GRIT which is often lacking these days where many kids are raised in protective bubbles.

Our Academy promotes our Vision, Values and Motto to all club members. Our selection of Courses and our Library ensure there is good information at hand for all.

FFA Building Blocks By Age