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The Path to Excellence – Return to Play Guidelines

All Bonnet Bay FC Players, Parents, Managers

It’s taken a long time but we are just one week away from kicking off the 2020 season which will run for 13 weeks until the last weekend of September. There is a lot of info we need to pass on to get the season off on the right foot.

Warriors Not Winners

An important document is attached which introduces the philosophy we would love to introduce across the club. Warriors give their best at all times even in the most adverse circumstances. We truly believe in this philosophy and truly believe it will lead to fantastic results in the longer term. Measuring ourselves solely on whether we win or lose is a false measure and will inevitably lead to a lot of unnecessary disappointment and disillusionment.


EVERYONE – We ask EVERYONE to take time to go through this email and the attachments relevant to you

Parents of 6s to 11s – please read the Parent Info Pack – focus on sections for Club Football – if the kids have fun they are more likely to improve. This development is not dissimilar to school where the finished product emerges at around 18 years of age.

Managers – ensure they are across all these topics (refer attached manual for 6s to 11s).



It is very important that we recognise the efforts of officials at our national, state and local associations as well as within our club who have devoted so much time to developing COVID-19 guidelines for all aspects of our operations.

We ask all members and supporters to assist us by observing safe distancing at all times when we gather. Spectators must be 1.5m apart and we encourage good hygiene at all times. Please upload the COVID-19 App if you have not already done so. All these measures are there to protect us, our families, friends and community so please take them seriously so we can all enjoy playing and watching the games. Players need to find new ways to celebrate and avoid huddles.

We’ll have sanitiser available but bring your own. No sharing of drink bottles – no sharing of bibs – no sharing of half time oranges

We ask everyone to familiarise themselves with the attached guidelines (see below)


A huge thanks to the volunteers who have worked so hard to get players registered, fields and equipment ready, teams training, players fitted out in uniforms and our COVID-19 Safe Café/Bar operational. I encourage everyone to join one at least one of our rosters to help keep everything on track (eg we need new faces for our Duty Managers, Canteen Support, Saturday Morning Set Up, Saturday Morning BBQ, Promotions Team, Weekly Sandwich Plates, Become a BBFC Academy Coach – email )


It is very pleasing to see some of our sponsors are emerging from these difficult times still keen to support the club. Hopefully our other sponsors will get back on top of things in the coming months and be back on board for 2021. The support of our sponsors has enabled us to do amazing things over the past few years and we ask all members to make themselves aware of these businesses and support them when they can.

New Training Schedule from 6/7

The week leading up to season kick off will be the last for our pre-season training schedule. The attached schedule will operate from 6/7 for the duration of the season. This brings all 6s to 11s on to Wednesday nights.

We have engaged technical directors to support coaches and players at training for all teams up to and including under 16s.

Coaches & Managers – Registration

You should have registered at by now  Talk to your co-ordinator if you need instructions.

Ground Control

Every team must appoint a capable person to oversee ground control at every game they play (home and away). This person should never be the coach and ideally not the manager. It’s an important job that is done while the game is in progress so technically it has a very small time commitment. Brief summary of duties is ensure field is ready for play, over-see social distancing, ensure crowd remains well-behaved, assist refs as required. Full duty list is in the ground control room at Lakewood. Let your team manager know if you can help. We will issue one orange jacket per team which the ground control person should look after including washing themselves.

Field Set Up and Pack Up

Set Up – the team using a field first will set up that field. This applies to mini fields (6s/6s), quarter fields (8s/9s), half fields (10s/11s) and full field (12s & over).

Pack Up – the team using a field last will pack up that field

Managers are asked to keep an eye on the draw so they are aware of these commitments. We show these duties on the club version of the draw.

Wet Weather

With a shortened season the association will encourage clubs to play whenever they can. For competition teams some of these games may be treated as friendlies (ie no result) if not every game in their comp is played.

Please assume games are on unless you are told otherwise. Often decisions are not made until around 7.30. This can sometimes be difficult for those playing early matches. We will try to post updates to in bad weather.

Council often close grounds mid-week when there is rain around – get updates on their wet weather line 97100105. We will try to post updates to

Team Pigeon Holes

There is a pigeon hole for every team in the ground control room at Lakewood. Team managers should empty this whenever they are at the field. For next weekend these will contain rule books, Player ID cards (10s & older), weekly award vouchers for younger teams and other stuff your team is likely to need.

Un-financial Players

ID cards will be withheld until rego fees are paid meaning those players may not participate. Instructions for how to pay your outstanding balance are on the invoice that was emailed to you when you registered.

A message from our Coach & Player Development Co-ordinator

Week 1

The first week is always very hectic. Please make sure you allow plenty of time to get to the ground, set the field up, meet team members etc.

The Hangar Café is COVID-19 Safe

We have done a lot of work to ensure our Café meets heightened food safety expectations. There are a few tweaks to the menu and social distancing applies however we can still accommodate up to 50 people at any one time. We’ve added a new table tennis table and air hockey to help keep the kids amused. We ask mums and dads to make sure the kids respect the equipment we make available.

We open the bar every Sunday and Saturdays when the under 21s kick off.

President – Peter Burgess –

Secretary – Mike Elliott –

Treasurer – Ian Petrovski –

Uniform Enquiries – Pat & Kristianne –

Equipment Enquiries – Larry Ryan –

MiniRoos Teams (6s to 11s) Enquiries – Jeremy Hill –

Male Teams (12s & over) Enquiries – Marc Orklin –

Female Teams (12s & over) Enquiries – Carla Richardson –

Important Guidelines & Training Schedules

The Path to Excellence – A Warrior Club

Return to Play Guidelines FNSW

BBFC Training Schedule 6-7-2020

2019 Managers Manual (under 6 to under 11)

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